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About GAC Japan

GAC JAPAN serves as a cutting-edge collaborator in the realm of managing and safeguarding mission-critical IT services. Functioning as a consultancy firm specializing in IT, we adapt alongside the ever-evolving landscape of technology and leverage our extensive expertise. GAC JAPAN offers an extensive array of IT services, encompassing Network Maintenance, Infrastructure Planning, End-User Support, and Systems Planning catering to multinational corporations operating within Japan. Our team of skilled bi-lingual engineers possesses an in-depth understanding of IT standards, enabling the implementation of modern, reliable, and effective solutions.

With extensive experience in assisting multinational corporations and a deep understanding of the requirements of global business, GAC JAPAN recognizes the crucial role of IT integration across diverse industry sectors.

Company Name GAC JAPAN Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters 3-9-11-201, Kudanminami, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 102-0074 Japan


Established 7 Feb 2013
Captial 17,500,000 JPY

Chief executive officer

Kazuo Tsukamoto
Chief operating officer H. Zar

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