About us

GAC JAPAN not only has long-term experience with supporting global companies but also has a good understanding of international business needs. We have been working over than 10 years in serving as IT consultants and engineering entity.
GAC JAPAN offers a wide range of IT services including end-user support and hardware maintenance such as networking equipment, computers, servers, etc. to global companies with a business presence in Japan.
Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of the Japanese telecommunications and electrical standards obtained through many years of experience in the IT support field. We provide excellent bilingual support to your regional IT support team to help save their time as well as propose better and more effective solutions.
Our IT team is composed of multinational engineers. They have long IT engineering experience in Japan, and they are fluent in Japanese as well as in English languages. Of course, our Japanese engineers are capable as well.
GAC JAPAN will provide IT support, Maintenance services and IMAC services based on your request. And we can accept English documents and conference call.

Company Name GAC JAPAN Co.,ltd.
Headquarters 3-9-11-201, Kudanminami, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 102-0074 Japan
Established May, 2004
CEO Kazuo Tsukamoto