Global Alliance and Consultancy

Global Knowledge| Expedited ITSM Solutions

GAC JAPAN is your agile IT Partner, seamlessly integrating and enhancing your IT business systems for the modern workspace and ensuring proper IT alignment.

Business Consulting

We offer comprehensive services in Systems Engineering and Administration, Helpdesk Analysis and Support, Office and Workspace Planning for international companies operating in Japan. Additionally, we specialize in IT Procurement to meet your organization’s technology needs.

Engineering Support

We have a team of bilingual IT professionals who are well-equipped to serve as your systems administrator, engineer, helpdesk analyst, and IT consultant. Our highly qualified experts are capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a support technician or IT manager as well.

IT Planning

Elevate the effectiveness of your IT strategy using our IPSA Methodology. Our integrated IT Planning considers both your organizational structure and objectives to ensure a seamless alignment.

Network Support

GAC JAPAN has a proven track record in implementing, designing, and maintaining office networks, covering everything from network design to network monitoring.

Infrastructure Support

GAC JAPAN provides support for on-prem server and networking equipment, along with data center maintenance, to ensure the smooth operation of IT systems. Additionally, we specialize in provisioning and managing hybrid and cloud infrastructure.

Asset Managment

GAC JAPAN specializes in delivering tailored enterprise asset management solutions for IT hardware, software licenses, accessories, and service contracts.

Cost-Saving IT Asset Management

Efficient management of IT systems and hardware lifecycle is crucial for the smooth functioning of your business operations. An IT asset encompasses valuable hardware, software systems, and information that are essential.

Through our user-friendly web application, clients can effortlessly manage, track, and allocate their assets across various business entities and office locations. By granting access to our secure and personalized IT asset management portal, clients gain the ability to conveniently monitor the utilization and ownership of their equipment, along with the corresponding expenses.

Empowering your IT Strategy

Effective IT planning requires a strategic and agile approach, considering various factors. GAC JAPAN specializes in navigating the vast sea of information to ensure your business is aligned with efficient solutions. Our thorough IT business alignment and business systems analysis help us comprehend your business needs and provide the necessary support.