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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Secure and Manage IT Costs

Efficient management of IT systems and hardware lifecycle is crucial for the smooth functioning of your business operations. An IT asset encompasses valuable hardware, software systems, and information that are essential.

We offer comprehensive IT change management services that encompass various tasks such as device installation and removal, software installation, PC kitting, relocation, and layout changes. These services ensure seamless transitions and optimal utilization of IT resources within your organization.

GAC JAPAN provides customized enterprise asset management for IT hardware, software licenses, accessories and service contracts. We provide an easy-to-use web application for management, tracking, and assignment of your assets across multiple business entities and office locations.

Clients with access to our secured, individual IT asset management portal can easily track what equipment is being used where, and by who, as well as the costs associated with them.

  • IMAC (Install, Add, Move, Change)
    • Systems Migration
    • Enterprise IT Change Management
    • LAN Construction
    • Hardware and Software Procurement
    • IT Lifecycle Maintenance
  • ITAM Automation
    • Cost and Vaule Analysis
    • Tools: JIRA, ATLASSIAN, SNOW etc.
    • Systems Training
  • IT GRC Services
    • IT and Systems Audting
    • Risk Assesment
    • Information Assurance